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400-500 TPH mobile crushing plant

Shanghai Xuanshi machinery Complete product specifications, can provide users (400-500 TPH mobile crushing plant...) project design, process design, standard and non-standard product design and production. If you need our products (400-500 TPH mobile crushing plant...), please contact us! Technology first, quality first; overall optimization, continuous improvement.

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400-500 TPH mobile crushing plant details

The 400-500 TPH mobile crushing plant, made by XSM, is a new kind of high efficient crushing equipment, which is of advanced technology, fully featured and can be driven by itself. The deft design of crawler enables it to reach any possible spot of the work site even under horrible terrain condition. The flexibility helps to eliminate unnecessary processes and makes it more convenient in the coordination of accessory machineries and crushing plant. As excellent and integrated design as it is, this mobile crusher can be easily transmitted to work site on a trailer and starts working once gets to the spot.

The 400-500 TPH mobile crushing plant, meeting the technical qualification, has the features of high productivity, crushing ratio and uniformed product size.

400-500 tph mobile crushing plant

400-500 TPH mobile crushing plant features

1. Fuel oil saving rate can reach 25%, and the sieving mode is not only in line with environmental protection but low cost.

2. Convenient transport, no harm to road, multifunctional equipments and wide application scope.

3. Turning in place with the capability of all-wheel drive, standard configuration, fast equipment changing, perfect protection system, best fit in narrow and complicated terrains.

4. Light weight, small size and best fit in narrow place.

5. The moving screen equipment uses double-deck sieving machinery, which main frame equipped with excellent grid screening gallery, can stand freely without support.

6. The attaching power package is the most optimized design.

7. Mechatronic-hydraulical integrated multifunctional construction machinery and highly constructed with the small, medium and large size.

Eco-friendly concept of 400-500 TPH mobile crushing plant

Noise collecting system, sound-proof system, compact and flexible equipment can further meet construction waste crushing work between cities. Suitable diesel noise pollution discharge system, effective dedusting system and release system can remote control the barriers in the 400-500 TPH mobile crushing plant while the pre-screening system can greatly increase crushing efficiency.

400-500 TPH mobile crushing plant application

1. It is widely used in the field of mining, coal mine and construction waste recycling, and performs well on the site of earthwork, urban infrastructure construction, road construction and construction field.

2. 400-500 TPH mobile crushing plant has the feature of multifunction operation.

3. Processing topsoil and other materials, separating viscous concrete aggregate, applicable for construction and demolition industry, quarrying industry and screening after crushing.

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