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Small Concrete Batching Plant

Shanghai Xuanshi machinery Complete product specifications, can provide users (Small Concrete Batching Plant...) project design, process design, standard and non-standard product design and production. If you need our products (Small Concrete Batching Plant...), please contact us! Technology first, quality first; overall optimization, continuous improvement.

Small Concrete Batching Plant

Small Concrete Batching Plant

Currently, the concrete company is required to equip themselves with up-to-date equipments, especially concrete batching plant, also called concrete batching machine. XSM also has developed our own concrete batching plant to meet the requirements from our customers. However, for those concrete producers who would like to open a small concrete factory, small concrete batching plant is their suitable choice. Here we focus on more details of small concrete batching plant, also called small concrete batching machine in some countries.

Overview of Small Concrete Batching Machine

Small concrete batching plants made by XSM is a kind of aggregate automatic dispensing equipments supporting the use of concrete mixers. They can complete the batching process with aggregates like sands and stones etc according to the users concrete ratio. This series of small concrete batching machine can be used with concrete mixers or concrete mixing console to make simple or standard concrete mixing plants. They are ideal machines producing high-quality concrete for every kind of industrial or civil, large and medium-sized construction projects or precast plants. Of course, the price and cost of XSM’s small concrete batching machine is reasonable and attractive for concrete producers.

Related Machines for Small Concrete Batching Plant

For concrete producers, how to improve the capacity of small concrete batching plant is what they are concerned for. According to the engineers from XSM, they suggest that small concrete batching plant should be combined with some related machines, which can make the small concrete batching plant perform its important role in the production process. Typically, small concrete batching plant can combines with the stone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, and cement mixer. Every type of machine is used in the different production process. As a professional mining equipment, XSM can design and install a concrete production line for concrete producers around the world. XSM has specially designed and installed some sets of small concrete production line according to the practical requirements of some concrete producers lack of investment capitals.
To our delight, many concrete producers think highly of our design.

Technical Features of Small Concrete Batching Plant

Fully Automatic-Electronic operation of PLC/PC Control with digital display of each operation. Aggregate weigh is suspended on four shear beam type load cells thus gives higher accuracy. Independent weighing system for cement, water & additive, reduces the cycle time as it is weighed simultaneously. Plant operation is very silent & with clean surrounding .

Technical Data of Small Concrete Batching Plant

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