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Silica Sand Screening Machinery in Pakistan

Shanghai Xuanshi machinery Complete product specifications, can provide users (Silica Sand Screening Machinery in Pakistan...) project design, process design, standard and non-standard product design and production. If you need our products (Silica Sand Screening Machinery in Pakistan...), please contact us! Technology first, quality first; overall optimization, continuous improvement.

Silica Sand Screening Machinery in Pakistan

Silica Sand Screening Machinery in Pakistan

Based on several years’ exploration, XSM’s screening machinery has achieved to the international standard. Nowadays, XSM’s screening machinery has played a great role in the open-pit mining. Especially, we export a certain number of silica sand screening machinery to Pakistan, where local mining investors also think highly of other types of mining equipment made by XSM. Here we focus on more details of silica sand screening machinery in Pakistan.

Outlook of Silica Sand Industry in Pakistan

Silica sand is one of the most common varieties of sand found in the world, and is used in industrial processing, to make glass, foundry sand, as fill, paints, chemicals, ceramics and to create molds and castings in foundries. Due to its wide application in our daily life, the demand for silica sand is growing larger and larger, which makes it clear that the market of silica sand in Pakistan is so attractive for mining investors. The common specifications of silica sand are as follows: 0.5-1.0mm, 0.6-1.2mm, 1-2mm, 2-4mm, 4-8mm, 8-16mm, and 16-32mm. In the glass industry, the size of the silica sand grains should be between 40 to 80 mesh. However, in Pakistan, due to lack of advancing mining technology, there is a great demand for silica sand processing machine, especially for silica sand screening machinery.

Silica Sand Screening Machinery in Pakistan

In the mining industry, the vibrating screen is widely used as the silica sand screening machinery, which is widely used to separate silica sand into various size for further processing. The vibrating screen is also used as a supporting machine for the silica sand processing plant, or for end use, of course, that depends on client’s needs. The silica sand is separated by passing it through a vibrating “screen box” which has a number of different sized screens, or meshes, through which silica sands fall like a sieve, the other material falls onto attached conveyors which stock pile the end products. The end products can then be used in the building and construction industries.

Silica Sand Washing Machine in Pakistan

Silica sand washing machine is often combined with screening machine to improve the product quality. The silica sand washing machine, also silica sand washer, is used to remove dust in the silica sand, and improve the quality of silica sand. In the construction site, sand stone factory, hydropower station and dam site, the sand washing plant is applied to wash paving sand. Typically, it has two kinds of sand washing plant, that is, the wheel-type and screw-type. The sand washing machine produced by XSM has two models, including the XSD-series sand washing machine and LSX-series sand washing machine, our sand washing plant features simple structure, water saving, no polution, and easy maintenance.

Apart from silica sand screening machinery, XSM can also supply the whole set of silica sand processing line as well as free service of consultation, installation and training. If you have some interest in our silica sand screening machinery or silica sand processing line in Pakistan, please contact us, XSM will witness your success in the silica sand business!

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